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10.09.2018: New paper accepted to GlobalSIP

19.05.2018: Silvia Rossi won the Cisco Prize for her poster titled ‘Adaptive Streaming for Immersive Communication’. Well done Silvia!

16.05.2018: New paper accepted to EUSIPCO

10.04.2018: Kaige joined us as new PhD student. Welcome Kaige!

04.10.2017: We received an Adobe Systems academic donation on Machine Learning for VR

25.09.2017: Sephora joined us as new PhD student. Welcome Sephora!

25.07.2017: new paper accepted to IEEE Globecom

21.07.2017: new paper accepted to IEEE MMSP

27.05.2017: “Optimal Representations for Adaptive Streaming in Interactive Multi-View Video Systems” accepted to IEEE TMM

01.05.2017: Silvia joined us as new PhD student. Welcome Silvia!

25.04.2017: I will give a seminar at Trinity College Dublin: “Navigation-Aware Communication for Interactive Streaming”

17.02.2017: New journal subission: “QoE Driven Mobile Edge Caching Placement for Adaptive Video Streaming”, submitted to TM M

28.01.2017: 2 papers accepted for publication at ICC’17

17.01.2017: “Price-based Controller for Utility-aware HTTP Adaptive Streaming” accepted to IEEE Multimedia

29.11.2016: Best 10% Paper certificate at VCIP’16

15.11.2016: 2 journal submissions. “Price-based Controller for Utility-aware HTTP Adaptive Streaming” & “Joint Source, Channel and Space-time Coding of Progressive Sources in MIMO Systems”

03.10.2016: 3 papers submitted to ICC’16

10.09.2016: I am the recipient of a UCL Future Leader Award

21.09.2016: Paper accepted at ISM’16. “Price-based Controller for Quality-Fair HTTP Adaptive Streaming”

01.08.2016: New PhD opening on ML for immersive communications

14.07.2016: Paper accepted at VCIP’16. “Complexity Constrained Representation Selection for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming”

01.07.2016: I joined the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at University College London (UCL) as Lecturer in the Communication and Information Systems group

01.06.2016: Guest Editor for a MMTC letter

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