Art (I)Relevance: AI and art futures symposium

We will be attending the inaugural ‘AI and art futures symposium’, which will explore the interplay of art market futures, art and data, and the role of the tangible and intangible artefact.


The event will explore the following topics:

  • How the democratisation of art is shaping art markets: What are the current themes emerging from the art markets and how is digitalisation shaping future interactions?
  • Technological advances and the experience of art: Data driven opportunities and considerations for the collector.
  • Will blockchain save art? Next phase perspectives on blockchain for artists and markets.
  • Digital futures, materiality and added value: When data is a medium for artistic expression, is there a future for the material artefact? 

There’ll also be a prototype lab and a drinks reception in the Barbican Conservatory to test emerging content from industry and academia.

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