Graph-Based Bandit Problems

We exploit graph signal processing to derive efficient optimization strategies for large scale problems. The key intuition is to learn in a sparse but representative domain. Possible applications are: optimal placement of heating sources in sensor networksoptimal ads in social networks, orrecommendations in high-dimensional problems.

Immersive Communications

A major challenge for the next decade is to design virtual, augmented, and mixed reality systems (VR at large) for real-world use cases such as healthcare, creative technology, e-education, and high-risk missions. This requires VR systems to operate at scale, in a personalised manner, remaining bandwidth-tolerant whilst meeting quality and latency criteria. This can be accomplished only by a fundamental revolution of the coding/streaming/rendering chain that has to put the interactive user at the heart of the system rather than at the end of the chain.

Spatio-Temporal Graph-RNN for Point Cloud Prediction

We designed a Graph neural network able process irregular point cloud sequences and make accurate predictions of future movements, while persevering the shape.

User Behaviour Analysis in VR Systems

Do we understand how people interact with technology? Can we model users’ behaviour in VR systems, inferring the correlation between users’ interactivity and the VR content?

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