Eduardo Pignatelli

I joined the Learning and Signal Processing (LASP) group at UCL as a PhD student. Under the supervision of Laura Toni and Tim Rocktäschel, my focus is on Continual Learning within the Multiagent Reinforcement Learning paradigm.


I am an architect by training, a computer scientist by profession. Investigating and understanding the mind – and my mind – has always been my passion. This passion turned out to coherently merge with my profession, and has become my mission.

Today, my research interests are in artificial general intelligence and autonomous learning, and include deep learning, reinforcement learning, multiagent systems, game theory and computer vision.


In 2019 I joined the BICI group at the Imperial College as a postdoc to study the applications of deep learning to solve differential equations in physics.

At Burohappold Engineeering, in 2017, I specialised in machine learning, and lead the applied research group in Machine Learning and Decision Making in 2018.

In 2014, at, I conducted research on generative design and multi-objective optimisation using genetic algorithms.

I hold a bachelor and a in Architecture at the University of Naples, awarded in 2015, where I studied the role of human perception and the process of creative creation in design.