Laura Toni

Lecturer at Electronic & Electrical Departement at UCL

Director of MSc on Telecommunications and Internet Engineering

I graduated from University of Bologna in 2005 (MS degree) and 2009 (PhD degree). I was then a PostDoc for one year at the University of California, San Diego, working with Prof. L. Milstein and Prof. P. Cosman and for three years at the EPFL working with Prof. P. Frossard.
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I am the Principal Investigator at LASP (Learning And Signal Processing) at the Electronic Engineering Department at University College London.
My major research contributions are in the area of coding and streaming technologies, machine learning for immersive communications, decision-making strategies under uncertainty, and large-scale signal processing.
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Main Research Interests
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Key medresearch topics
— immersive communications
— [study of users’ behavior in] virtual reality
— [graph learning for] volumetric video

— [graph-based] multi-arm bandit problems
— [embeddings for] reinforcement learning
— graph signal processing for network science

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Students Projects
New student projects/thesis at bachelor and master level on 
– 360 video streaming and virtual reality
– graph signal processing for machine learning (RL and bandit)
– optimization strategies for large-scale networks

Director of MSc Programmes on Telecommunication and Internet Engineering

I teach the following courses:
Data Acquisition and Processing (DASP)
Internet of Things

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